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Getting the Perfect Engagement Ring

perfect engagement ring

Finding the person you want to spend your entire life with is no less than a blessing. You want to tie the knot with a memorable wedding, with moments you can cherish for a lifetime. While the venue and the dress are important aspects of your special day, the engagement ring plays a far more sentimental role in it.

It is precisely why we have jotted down the steps you need to take in order to purchase the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé. Let dive right into it.

The Worth

While the price of the jewel does not reflect the love you have for your better half, you still need to set a budget, so you don’t go overboard and spend your life’s entire savings on the ring. Bear in mind that you have to save up for the wedding preparations, a honeymoon, and a lot more.

Gold or Diamond

This is another key area to go through while browsing an engagement ring for men or women. You need to choose whether you want to go for a gold ring or a diamond one. While the choice is based more on your aesthetic preference, bear in mind that if you are opting for gold, it is recommended to buy a low karat (preferably 16k) gold since higher karat gold rings can be soft and lose their shape over time, not to mention their tendency to get worn out more easily.

Gold and Diamond

The Four Cs of a Diamond Ring

An engagement ring for women or men comes in countless different styles. Once you’ve determined the budget, you need to go through the four Cs, i.e. Clarity, color, carat, and cut of the diamond. While opting for the color of the diamond, we recommend staying closest to F (flawless), which denotes flawless clarity. As for the color, you can choose between D to Z, where D represents colorless. Carat is merely the weight measuring unit of a diamond. The higher the carat, the more expensive will your ring be. The cut of a diamond determines its true beauty. Craftsmen at TheSBjewelry prepare diamond rings with the finest cuts to bring out the ring’s beauty.

Ensure the Size

Determining a ring size is of utmost importance. You don’t want to end up getting a ring that doesn’t fit in your fiancé’s finger. For this, you can either take her ring size from her friends or family, or just go for the average ring size (5-7) for most women. As for an engagement ring for men, the average ring size is 10. Again, you can always ask your fiancé or their friends and family to avoid inconveniences later on.

Have it custom-made

Unsure about the perfect engagement ring for men and women? You can always reach out to our experts at TheSBjewelry by dialing 706-596-8867, or filling out this form. We offer affordable custom-designed engagement rings that you and your partner can flaunt on your big day.

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