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Popular Necklaces Designs and Gold Pendants for 2020

Necklaces Designs and Gold Pendants

The year 2020 is almost here, and it has struck is to do a round-up on the jewelry items that are going to be the top trends in the following year. It might be that you have some important occasion to look forward to in the upcoming year, and you are quite confused about what sort of pendants and necklace designs would do the job.

Or it could be that you simply are looking for options that complete an everyday look. Maybe you are a school going girl, college student, or an adult with a job. It does not matter. This article is dedicated to everyone passionate about jewelry.

Long necklaces

Long necklaces are the ideal choice for an everyday look. You can pair it with any amulet you wish to have. But the bottom line remains that long necklaces can go with any outfit that you choose to wear. You can wear them during the day or night, it depends on you.

Round necklaces

This might seem like an old fashioned choice, but round necklaces are back in the game. With modern fashion trends, round necklaces can do a decent job, to sum up, your look. The thing about round necklaces is that they offer a unique sophistication that you may not expect to find in other necklace choices. It is elegant, precious, and can offer a different class to your look. A piece of humble advice would be not to wear it with an outfit that would tarnish the appeal of the necklace. Besides, do not wear it for the sake of hiding it underneath your collar. What’s the point? You wear a necklace to show how good of a piece of jewelry it is and how good you look! There is no reason why you should be hiding it.

Simple gold pendants


Gold is gold, and gold has a unique elegance to it which no other precious ornament or piece of jewelry has. Gold pendants of the simplest kinds have not become obsolete because they are now being considered in terms of minimalism. Minimalistic designs of gold pendants can go a long way in helping you look dazzling on a special night out! Make sure to pair it with a sophisticated outfit to complete your look.

In conclusion, the trends might change or overlap each other in the months to come. Therefore, it is important for you to stay informed about whatever fashion trends throw at you.


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